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Having A Good Relationship With Your Neighbor Could Make You Money

Have you ever shown a house or tried to sell a house that is perfect in every way, your client loves it, but........the potential buyer is turned off due to the house next door or across the street looking like a mess?  

While we can't always be in control of what happens next door or down the street, we do have a better chance of correcting a potential selling obstacle when we can approach our neighbor's about it.

Whether you are Realtor preparing to take a listing or you are the seller of the home, take a look around.  Is there a neighbor who is storing items in their front, side or back yard?  Do they have an old swing set abutting your property that is no longer being used by their children?  Perhaps they need to mow the lawn more frequently.   Whatever the case may be, having a good relationship with your neighbors can be the difference between selling your home and possibly not selling at all.

While you can't expect your neighbors to bend over backwards simply because you are listing your home for sale, having a quick talk with them might make all the difference in getting your home sold.  Be nice about it, heck you can even blame your Realtor.   "My Realtor said we might have an issue selling quickly and at a good price due to _______.  Would you mind removing some of these items?"   Offer to help them if you are able to.

Some of our sellers have been extremely successful talking to their neighbor's about potential issues they see when getting prepared to list their homes for sale.   We have even had neighbors of our sellers ask if they would like them to remove certain items from view.   If they offer, take them up on it! 

The advice here is that if you know your neighbor and feel comfortable bringing these kinds of issues up, it could mean the difference in your time on market, sales price or selling at all.

This won't always work, but if you never ask you'll never know!

Comment balloon 4 commentsDan Jasmer • September 08 2010 01:05PM


It's always worth asking!    

Posted by Li Read, Caring expertise...knowledge for you! (Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)) almost 9 years ago

As they say, people buy neighborhoods, when they by homes or income units.

Goog point!

Posted by Mahesh Mike Patel, Call Me And Consider It Done! (First Team Real Estate) almost 9 years ago

This issue of the neighboring home's appearance came up on a Open House I hosted this weekend and have had several sellers attempt this question to their neighbor - some with success and some without.  Still, it is always worth trying to help clean up the neighbors home/yard and can be very important in a buyer's decision process.

Posted by Jason Watton, Realtor - Scottsdale Arizona Homes for Sale (Realty One Group of Scottsdale, AZ) almost 9 years ago

Hi Dan - What an innovative (and practical) tip! (Thanks for commenting on my blog.)

Posted by Jackie -, Learn to leverage technology to get more done. (770.498.7333) almost 9 years ago

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